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Beenie Man Interview
(Hamburg, den 14.07.2000)


Ein langer, kahler Flur in einem der oberen Stockwerke eines x-beliebigen Hotels in Hamburg. Kuehl und steril. Doch je naeher wir der Suite kommen, desto sweeter ist der Duft in der Luft! Waermer wird es auch. Beenie Man hat bestimmt die Heizung anstellen lassen. Der 14. Juli scheint Spass daran zu haben, sich als 14. November darzustellen. Wir koennen diesen Humor nicht nachvollziehen.

Die Tuer geht auf, Beenie Man aka Moses Davis steht im 'kimbo' vor uns. Ein bisschen muede sieht er schon aus. Es ist nicht sein erstes Interview heute und aus zuverlaessiger Quelle wissen wir, dass die Nacht kurz war. Trotzdem laechelt er. Er begruesst einen nach dem andern freundlich und laedt uns in Zimmer ein um Platz zu nehmen. Fuer eine Suite haette es ruhig etwas prachtvoller sein koennen, aber deutsche Hotels nennen alles, was auch nur ein bisschen mehr als ein Sarg ist, eine Suite. Beenie Man ist alleine. Die anderen, Manager und Bandmitglieder, sind schon zum Soundcheck gefahren. Auf einer Kommode neben einem Tupper-Box mit Jamaika-Food steht ein Sony Vaio Notebook.

Der DVD-Screen ist noch offen, aber es laeuft Musik: Sizzla's Album "Black Woman & Child" dudelt gemaechlich vor sich hin. Beenie Man fragt mich, ob die Musik beim Interview stoeren wuerde. Ich antworte, dass ich dachte, er sei derjenige, den Sizzlas Musik stoeren wuerde...

  • When did you leave Jamaica?
  • When me left Jamaica? 3 weeks ago.
  • And with the family? Everything nice?
  • Yeah man, family nice. Everybody feel fine.
  • You bring Kirk Davis, Silver Cat and Snagga Puss with you. What make you choose them?
  • Yeah, well, yuh see, really... Tanto Metro & Devonte have dem own ting going right now... So otherwise me would bring dem, seen, but dere is nutt'n going on for Silvercat really, dere is nutt'n going on for Snagga Puss really, dere is nutt'n going on for Little Kirk really. So, we can't mek dem suffer, yuh see.
  • It's cold in germany! You came in one of the worst summers since long time!
  • Yuh see, I don't really watch de weather still, yuh know, I jus' watch de audience, yuh know... an' as long as de audience come ah de show, me put some sunshine ina dem life.
  • But isn't the german audience different from the jamaican crowd?
  • No, me no care about dat! Yuh see, I don't only perform in Jamaica, I perform worldwide, yuh know. Yuh have international performers different from jamaican performers. Jamaica, yuh jus' run pon stage an' chat two lyrics an' run off when yuh feel like. An' run on back an' chat two more lyrics an' run off, yuh know. Beca' whole 'eap ah artist dehdeh fi please dem, see whe me ah seh? Well, yuh see Europe whe yuh haffi stamp yuh name an' mek people recognize yuh music different from de nex' man music. Now, when it come on to Europe yuh work different, yuh perform, yuh don't deejay. Yuh entertain, yuh don't jump, see whe me ah seh? A lot ah people jump an' don't entertain. When yuh jump an' entertain an' dance an' do everyting ah de same time, dat's a full entertainment. Dem get a full package... for one price. Dem should ah pay four price... Ah one price dem pay... So judges dem get every special, Samy Davis jr... Everyman ina one plus Beenie Man. Weh yuh ago do 'bout it? Yuh nah pay more money fi it... No, yuh come back nex' year. Yeah, dat's how it is.
  • What do you think how the jamaicans will like your new album?
  • Well, Jamaican love de album, man. Don't worry 'bout dat, dem love de album already.
  • But it's somehow different from the album before.
  • Well, yuh see, den me nuh understan' dat. Dancehallmusic have to go international an' dem haffi accept it. Cause de problem is... I don't change de music I adjus' with de music. So I tease dem firs' with like "Everybody talkin' of...", see? Tease dem towards de years. So me nah go international now... Dem dehdeh already. So dem seh "Cho! Ah no nutt'n new! Me know dat already. Him always ah do dem ting deh!" Ah jus' another level still.
  • 3 singles are already released. Are you planning more?
  • Yeah... "Crazy Notion" deh pon de album too, de nex' tune is "Haters & Fools". So we nah put out no more single from de album... Jus' ah work with de album an' ting, right now. But we have "Trendsetter" which is a nex' album from Shocking Vibes.
  • "Heights Of Great Men" appears on "Art & Life" and on "Trendsetter". Was this planned before?
  • No... Me take off "Heights Of Great Men" offa "Trendsetter" now, ca we have to pull it in back. Ah through it ah disturb we, de seller... "Art & Life"... So we have to pull it back off ah de road. So me tek off "Heights Of Great Men" an' "Crazy Notion" an' put on "Ring Pon Finger" an' "If I Had A Mama".
  • On Shocking Vibes webpage they say that there will be a video to "Girls Dem Sugar" with r'n'b-star Mya. When will they play it?
  • Yuh soon see it, man! Ca' it mek finish an' everyting.
  • They say too, that Mya is "impressive in many ways". How was the work with her?
  • Beautiful, beautiful! Nice girl!
  • You said: "Art & Life" is about the way an artist paints, but the picture also paints an artist...
  • People get me wrong pon dat, yuh know, dem don't do it right. It's like... Alright... Da Vinci... Da Vinci paint de "Mona Lisa"... People don't remember Da Vinci as de man him was, dem remember de "Mona Lisa". So, tinking about de "Mona Lisa" yuh tink of how much a greater artist he was... yuh nah tink bout de drink whe him used to drink or de weed whe him used to smoke, yuh tink bout how greater artist he was. So, dis album is to paint a picture in a man. So regardless of what yuh have to seh about me, tink about de music dat I do... an' see how beautiful my life is. It's like Sizzla... On de outside he's a evil person but in de music he's relaxing...
  • I really wonder that you listen to Sizzla.
  • Yah man. So... I don't like Sizzla personally but me like him music.
  • How many tunes do you make in one month?
  • No, me caan know dat, man! I mek music by de day. I got my own studio. I mek music by de day. I got dis big complex... With de office an' everyting. I even live deh. Me move outta me house an' move inna de studio. A month? Dat's 31 days! Dat ah work, yuh know! Me mek 2 tune a day. Dat ah 62 tune in a month.
  • Do you prepare yourself for such a amount of tunes?
  • No, music jus' flow... ca to do de music... Not like Capleton who ah learn from a man.
  • So you get the riddim first and then the words?
  • Now yuh get de idea, yuh mek de riddim fi de idea, yuh get de words. Or a man carry de riddim come gi' yuh an' yuh build de words. Or yuh build de words an' somebody jus' "Bwhuuuhh" an' mek de riddim run it.
  • "Art & Life" is a Album for the international market. It's not for a specific group of people. Out of Jamaica dancehall is still more a underground thing...
  • Let me tell yuh supp'n. Yuh see me, I die for underground. But why should yuh call de music underground when it's a world music. Because down-to-earth music is not a underground music. It's a grassroot music but it's not a underground music. It's a vibes music. Underground music is music whe people never 'eard before, yuh know. Whe dem go so an' tek, yuh know, Ecstasy an' sniff up yuh glue an' ting an' *laugh* an' yuh go ina yuh basement "Bwuiwilding!!!" *makes funny moves* Lord ah mercy! Earlier times ina de music... Underground music is not more dan, it's not... alright, if ten people 'ear de music it can not be underground anymore because people will be singing it, yuh see wha me ah seh? So, yuh haffi know whe yuh ah seh... Underground is a group of people like KuKluxKlan. Dem alone know fi dem music whe dem play, yuh see it? Katholic, dem alone know fi dem music whe dem play so yuh call dat underground. Beca a man seh: "Sing a song from dem katholic!" How yuh ever sing a song from de katholic? Yuh no speak italian! DON: Me speak italian. BEENIE: Yuh a german! Yuh ever sing italian? "Gruusklauusbrummmdeh gluabrumdeh!" Yuh deh pon dat. Yuh nuh know de katholic song. Are yuh katholic? DON: No! BEENIE: Dat ah de worst ting! Dat me ah show yuh. So yuh call dem ting deh secret society - underground, FBI - underground, CIA - underground, KGB - underground, secret society. Dat yuh call underground. But through music so ruff like dem man deh, dat's why dem call de music underground, but we nuh supposed to mix up our music with secret society an' dem man deh.
  • Well, excuse me! I used the wrong word then!
  • Grassroot music! Wrong word is underground. Grassroot is de real name... Or ragga music. Yuh nuh see people try fi change it an' seh ragga? Deh poeple ah seh underground... No, ah ragga! Dem try fi change it ca dem ah get fi realize an' recognize whe de word underground mean. Underground, secret society come tek yuh an' dem no find yuh, yuh know? Dem find yuh somewhere overdeh so dead an' den a nex' man go ah prison fi yuh, yuh know! Dat's it! So careful whe yuh ah call dancehallmusic underground! Me an' yuh will have tings again, yuh know! *laugh* An' tell whole ah germany too, yuh hear sa, careful how dem ah call dancehallmusic underground. Dancehall ah grassroot music, down-to-earth.
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