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Elephant Man Interview

Elephant Man


we were not the first ones to interview mr o. bryan aka elephant man on this sunday morning but we were well aware of him! reasoning with man like danny english, singer j or even the charming crissy d it was the elephant who draws our attention, when he starts to give samples of his variety of lyrics. in the opposite corner of the room but still powerful enough to wake any lion in the jungle and make him run! expecting a star with some funny ways we got a self-confident young man, cool and open minded, always ready for a joke, sitting with us and telling us, how things run for him.

  • Could you please introduce yourself?
  • aka energy god aka elephant man
  • where you born and raised?
  • kingston, jamaica! raise in seaview garden, yuh hear dat!
  • how old are you?
  • i'm 25 now.
  • how you get your stage name?
  • well, yuh know. growing up in seaview garden as a kid, yuh know, they say my ears were big, they used to call me dumbo elephant... till they start calling me elephant man growing up, yuh know!
  • there are some deejays with animal names like the tiger even or zebra. is there something those artist have in common?
  • well, yuh know, de animal name i tink it's special, yuh know, so tiger got a special name zebra got a spe... zebra got his name of tiger. elephant come to me as a gift from de lord, trust me. i didn't know who's gonna name no elephant. it just come as a gift, yuh know. yeah, it just come as a gift so me just work with it!
  • do you like zebra?
  • de guy in a whole? yuh talking de deejay? yuh talking de artist or de animal?
  • no! the artist!
  • well, de artist i don't got no beaf against him. he's cool. he's cool but he must stop rape.
  • yeah, that is what i meant. there are really rumors about him. i can only say it is rumors thru me never see him rape someone...
  • well, i know! he must stop rape!
  • so the tune 'bun a fire pon a raperman' is for him?
  • yeah! bun a fire pon a raperman, me put one in a him head an' draw dem go ah station! yeah, yuh know. bun a fire on those guys who are raping de kids!
  • i hear the same rumor about other artists. jah cure is in jail right now...
  • they say he molested a girl, yuh know, so he is in jail now!
  • what about frankie paul?
  • i don't know about frankie paul.
  • what was your first tune you recorded?
  • my first tune i recorded was the butterfly tune. *sings* yuh know, that was back in the days! *laughs*
  • was that already as elephant man or was there a different name before?
  • yeah, with elephant! i was named elephant from i was little growing up in this ghetto... in seaview garden!
  • and the next step was the 'scare dem crew' which was named the seaview crew first.
  • yeah, we name it de 'seaview family' an' then bounty killer did a tune 'me big gun scare him' an' then he started to call us 'scare dem crew'. so, we took it from dere, yuh know!
  • but one member never come from seaview...
  • yeah, harry toddler. he came from walton.
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