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Riddim produced by: Lloyd 'King Jammy' James & Steely & Clevie
First voiced: 1987
Sample: Listen
Admiral BaileyBig Belly ManAgonyJammys1987Lloyd 'King Jammy' JamesAdmiral Bailey - Undisputed,
V.A. - D.J. Confrontation 
Chicken ChestDon't Kill EntertainerAgonyOneness1987   
Cutty RanksKill Her With The AgonyAgonyFashion    
DarrisonTake Your TimeAgonyFlexitime2009   
Derrick IrieSlide An WineAgony 1987Lloyd 'King Jammy' JamesV.A. - D.J. Confrontation 
DominickMini Van DramaAgonyJammys1988Lloyd 'King Jammy' James  
Don AngeloComputer Seh SoAgonyKing Tubby's Music1987   
Firehouse CrewComputer In DubAgonyKing Tubby's Music1987   
Horseman DaddyFat Belly ManAgony 1987Lloyd 'King Jammy' JamesV.A. - D.J. Confrontation 
Johnny OsbourneThis Old ManAgonyKing Tubby's Music1987   
Lady JunieSlim Belly ManAgonyKing Tubby's Music1987   
Lieutenant StitchieLearn Fe Read An SpellAgony 1987Lloyd 'King Jammy' JamesV.A. - D.J. Confrontation 
Little JohnGal Yu Mud UpAgonyKing Tubby's Music1987   
Little TwitchMake Us A LifeAgony 1987Lloyd 'King Jammy' JamesV.A. - D.J. Confrontation 
Louie Culture & Wayne RanksCircle AfricaAgonyRedman Steely & Clevie & Hugh 'Redman' James  
Major WorriesMi Nuh ResponseAgonyJammys1987Lloyd 'King Jammy' JamesV.A. - D.J. Confrontation 
PampidooSynthesizer VoiceAgonyJammys1987Lloyd 'King Jammy' JamesV.A. - D.J. Confrontation 
Pan BirdI Don't CareAgonyKing Tubby's Music1987   
Papa LeviEarthAgonyFlexitime2009   
PhantomPick Yuh CherryAgonyKing Tubby's Music1987   
PinchersAgonyAgonyJammys1987Lloyd 'King Jammy' James  
Red DragonSizeAgonyRedman Steely & Clevie & Hugh 'Redman' James  
Risto BenjieDon't Pirate ItAgony 1987Lloyd 'King Jammy' JamesV.A. - D.J. Confrontation 
ScrewdriverPoor People LoveAgonyRedman Hugh 'Redman' James  
Shabba RanksMust Love ReggaeAgonyJammys Lloyd 'King Jammy' JamesV.A. - D.J. Confrontation 
Shaka ShambaCarry Something Fi MeAgonyOneness1987   
Singing MelodyLove Inside Of YouAgonyKing Tubby's Music1987   
Super BlackDem A SignAgonyKing Tubby's Music1987   
Thriller UTime After TimeAgonyKing Tubby's Music1987   
Tippa IrieGet AwayAgonyFlexitime2009   
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